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    I'm just sayin


    my music and comedy

    I have been playing and singing for almost 45 years. Its one of the few consistences in my life.  I also do stand up comedy but I don't usually do them together. it would probably create a paradox.


    I've been inventing things almost as long . with my building and engineering experience and creative mind Ive been known to solve many problems and create innovative solutions  for a wide variety of subjects. 

    Extraordinary feats performed at random intervals!

    Because inspiration can come from anywhere. theoretical physics is a passion of mine.

    Be Inspired By Everything

    One of my favorite subjects is theoretical physics. All you need is your imagination to explore the entire universe. Why does light bend to gravity's will? Why do entangled quantum particles have an instantaneous effect on each other no matter where they are located in the universe? Contemplating questions like these inspire me to Ideas that stretch and warm up creativity.


    James Taylors country road ala Jim and Dan



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